MWYTC is Excited to Announce our Partnership with Dr Amy!

This 2022-23 indoor season we are excited to partner with Dr. Amy Berglund. This is an OPTIONAL service that you can sign up your child to help with injury prevention and for onsite treatments throughout the entire indoor season.  

Dr. Amy Berglund, is the owner of Active Care Wellness Center, and she will be joining the MWYTC Team in the capacity of Team Sports Chiropractic Physician for the 2022-23 Indoor Season.

As the team chiropractic sports physician for MWYTC, she will be at practice on Tuesday evenings as well as traveling with the team to all competitions. While there, she will be offering injury evaluation, injury prevention assessments and treatments for athletes for $100 for the entire Indoor Season.

Her goal is to keep the team healthy and strong, to help them achieve optimal performance. She has experience and training in treating the following conditions (yes, more than spine injuries!): concussions, ankle sprains, shin splints, muscle strains, knee problems and of course spine injuries, using a multitude of techniques to treat the athletes’ specific needs.

This is an optional service for the entire winter program for injury prevention & treatment.

Questions:  Dr Amy Berglund, Tel: 406-777-1048 or Email: