Coach Spotlight: Tori Nickol

Tori Nickol

She currently serves as the Mountain West Youth Track Club’s hurdle coach. Recruited to Carroll College as a heptathlete, Tori ultimately transitioned to a hurdle specialist and finished her career as a 400m hurdler. At Carroll, she served as a track team captain and holds a top-ten program performance in the 400m hurdles. After graduating summa cum laude from Carroll, Tori attended law school at the University of Montana, graduating in 2019 with High Honors. During law school, Tori began coaching hurdles at Loyola Sacred Heart High School and has continued to coach ever since.

Tori is passionate about using sport as an avenue to build confidence, create meaningful relationships, and nurture skills that translate to life beyond the track. She is enthusiastic about creating a practice environment that strikes the right balance between fun and challenging, and where athletes have the skills and ability to push themselves beyond their comfort zone but never into dangerous or injury-prone territory. Every athlete is different, and Tori meets each individual hurdler where they are: she strives to identify and develop the right technique, stride, and form variation for every hurdler. She also loves to help athletes set goals and chart concrete metrics for success so that every athlete can excel.

2022-23 Winter Program Registration Update

We are now at capacity for the winter season. All athletes signing up until Nov 15th will be put on a WAIT LIST.