About MWTC

The basic premise behind the Mountain West Club is to provide the optimal training environment for each elite athlete. The benefits package has been carefully put together to provide the athletes of the Mountain West Track Club with the means to maximize their running potential while minimizing external factors.The training program is designed around the former eastern bloc philosophy which emphasizes long term goals and steady progressions in training aimed at achieving those goals. Athletes train together with training partners and/or training groups. Although they compete head-to-head in some competitions, the goal is to build a cohesive unit that works together toward a common goal.

1. GEAR:
Competition Uniform
Competition Sweats
Racing Spikes or Flats
Training Flats
Rain Gear
Practice Sweats
Tights long/short
Travel Bags
Use of High Quality Heart Rate Monitor

Miscellaneous gear provided by various sponsors, or “once only” issue. If at any time an athlete feels other items should be provided, the Athletic Trainer will assess that need and respond to the request.

The athlete is free to choose her training and competition shoes. Mountain West Track Club is not bound to any one shoe company or the influence that might evert on the competition schedule.

Under the technical guidance of head coach Marta Timmons, training and competition schedules are designed for each individual. Steady progressions, heart rate monitoring, and pace orientation are hallmarks of his training programs. Athletes have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the head coach in tailoring their own programs. Competition schedules are arranged by the athlete and coach together with the goal of finding races that suit each athlete’s current needs.

Mountain West Track Club provides athletes with a person who arranges races and competitions and negotiates sponsorship agreements, including air and ground travel connections, lodging and meals, entry fees, and possible appearance fees. ALL appearance money and prize winningsare retained by the athletes.

Travel is arranged by the Road or Track Agent in conjuction with the head coach. Each athlete operates out of an individual travel budget, which covers all normal expenses incurred on a competition trip. The only out-of-pocket costs would occur if an athlete were to add personal travel to either end of a scheduled trip. It is understood that there may be exceptions to this policy, at the discretion of the head coach.

Stipend distribution depends directly on performance. The level at which an athlete receives monetary support is determined by the previous season’s world and national rankings, published in the February issue for women of Track and Field News Magazine. The highest national ranking in any Olympic outdoor track event will decide the level of support. Please note that once an athlete achieves a certain stipend level, she is will not dropped to a lower level until the end of the next Olympic year. The aim of this is to take the pressure off of the athlete to perform at that level year in and year out, which at times comes at the expense of sacrificed training to achieve long-term performance goals. Stipend levels are broken down as follows:

1. Emerging Elite / Developmental – $6,000 / 12 months
2. Top 15 ranking of domestic athletes – $10,000 / 12 months
3. Top 10 ranking of domestic athletes – $12,000 / 12 months
4. Top 5 ranking of domestic athletes – $14,000 / 12 months

PEAK Health & Wellness Center in Missoula provides a state-of-the-art indoor training facility, featuring a 200 meter indoor track which is closed to the general membership during Mountain West Track Club workout times. Eagle Cybex machines and frees weights, a 25 meter waveless pool, and a variety of other exercise machines add alternative options for training.

Annual USAT&F dues and national correspondence are provided by MWTC. Each athlete is responsible for taking her USAT&F card to ALL competitions in case verification is needed.

A. Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Massage Therapists.
The Athletic Trainer’s duties include prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Body fat composition testing, diet analysis, limited massage therapy, education and/or confidential counseling on topics that may affect athletic performance including, but not limited to, diet, drug use, and personal or social problems are also provided.
Massage Therapy includes extensive effort to minimize the risk of potential injury in addition to normal massage benefits. Russian sports massage, American sports massage, Neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu are among the techniques that are used. Athletes receive massage to fit their particular needs.
B. Other medical services may be provided, but must be pre-appoved in writing by the Athletic Trainer or another staff member. These include, but are not limited to, chiropractic care, physical therapy, sports psychology, supplemental massage, and podiatry services.
C. Health insurance is provided by MWTC.

MWTC provides limited housing benefits for stipended athletes, depending on availability. A team apartment complex is located within a mile of the Dornblaser Track facility and the University of Montana golf course where MWTC holds its spring and fall workouts, respectively. The rent charged to our athletes is minimal and helps to cover taxes, insurance, water, and garbage expenses. All utilities are the responsibility of the tenant, as is the refundable damage deposit.

MWTC encourages and supplies supplementary diet products at the Athletic Trainer’s discretion. High carbohydrate drink mixes, liquid diet supplements, multi-vitamins, and high potency iron are provided to athletes in need of such items. Water bottles are provided to all.

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